Trust The Texas Criminal Defense Attorney Who Has Been An Assistant District Attorney And A Judge

Attorney Paul Damico spent years on the other side of the courtroom in criminal matters. Now he’s ready to be in your corner.

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Putting 20 Years Of Criminal Law Experience To Work For You

If you’re facing a life-changing criminal charge, you can’t rely on an attorney who only has a part-time commitment to criminal justice. Attorney Paul Damico, founder of Paul Damico Law, PLLC, focuses his practice entirely on criminal defense. Indeed, his entire career has been focused on various positions within the criminal justice system. Because he’s handled hundreds of cases – as a prosecutor, judge or defense attorney – he can build aggressive defense strategies that seek to remove government overreach from your case and strive to spare you from the difficult after-effects of a felony or misdemeanor criminal conviction.

The life you have built for yourself is too valuable to risk with an underexperienced lawyer. Paul offers free introductory consultations to provide potential clients with an evaluation of their case and guidance on their best options.

Providing Tenacious Defense Attorney Services In Montgomery Counties

Attorney Paul Damico in judge's robes in court

An Attorney Who Understands The Prosecutor’s And Judge’s Viewpoints

Paul Damico not only understands the courts in Montgomery counties, but he also understands the mindsets of the prosecutors and judges – because he has worked in those roles.

After being admitted to the State Bar of Texas in 2002, Paul took a job as the assistant district attorney for Montgomery County. At the District Attorney’s office, he has prosecuted in both misdemeanor and felony jury trials for charges that included DWI, violation of a protective order, drug possession, aggravated assault, burglary, drug possession with intent to deliver and family violence. He trained and supervised new attorneys while serving as Misdemeanor Chief.

In 2010, Paul was appointed to work as a County Magistrate for Montgomery County. He oversaw the probable cause docket and the Office of Indigent Defense. Later, he was promoted to Criminal Associate Judge. As a judge, he ran felony and misdemeanor dockets, evaluated pleas and motions to suppress, and conducted juvenile detention hearings.

After years prosecuting defendants, Paul leverages what he knows about Texas courts to provide aggressive criminal defense services. He is a “known quantity” in local courts and his reputation helps him speak authoritatively and persuasively on behalf of his clients.

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Attorney Paul Damico

Paul Damico

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