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A Lawyer Devoted 100% To Criminal Defense

Criminal charges can be scary. The justice system in Texas is intimidating, and the nuances of criminal law and procedure are complicated. You don’t want an attorney who merely dabbles in criminal defense to be standing between you and the weight of the law.

You will find a powerful legal ally at Paul Damico Law, PLLC. Paul focuses his practice 100% on criminal defense. As a former judge and prosecutor, he has spent more than 20 years entrenched in the justice system. He uses that experience – as well as the strong reputation he has built among judges and prosecutors – to fight for his clients. He is the ally you want on your side when the stakes are high.

Your Go-To For Any Kind Of Criminal Charge

Paul has handled hundreds of criminal cases as a judge, prosecutor and defense lawyer in Harris County. He uses that experience to fight for clients facing charges such as:

  • Theft offenses, including shoplifting, burglary, forgery, larceny, theft by check, possession of stolen goods and motor vehicle theft
  • DWI charges ranging from first-time offenses to repeat and felony charges
  • Family violence charges such as domestic assault and aggravated domestic assault
  • Drug crimes, including possession and trafficking/distribution
  • Other charges such as evading arrest, weapons offenses and firearms offenses
  • Petitions for expunctions for removing (expunging) criminal records
  • Petition for nondisclosures, which will seal your criminal records from the public
  • Appeals, petitions for post-conviction relief and habeas corpus petitions

Whether you’re facing charges in Harris County, Montgomery County or the surrounding areas, you can feel confident knowing you have a proven and well-respected defense lawyer on your side.

What To Know About The Criminal Process In Texas

Knowing what to expect can help ease the stress and uncertainty of facing criminal charges. After an arrest, you’ll appear before a judge for an arraignment hearing. You’ll have the opportunity to request bail.

If you’re facing felony charges, the prosecution will have to get an indictment against you by a grand jury.

The next phase of the process involves pretrial motions, which might involve hearings before a judge, and plea negotiations. If the case goes to trial, you will have the opportunity to appeal an unfavorable verdict.

Are Criminal Court Records Public In Texas?

Generally, yes. All criminal records in adult cases are publicly available. For certain types of offenses, you may be able to seek an expunction or nondisclosure order to expunge your records or seal them from public view.

Online Solicitation Of A Minor: What It Is And Its Consequences

In the digital era, prosecutors are cracking down on online crimes such as solicitation of a minor. Texas law makes it a felony offense to engage in certain sexual communications with a minor (under age 17). There are many nuances to this law, and given the severity of a conviction, it’s critical to have a strong lawyer on your side.

Paul handles these cases aggressively and diligently. He will work hard to protect your reputation as well as your freedom.

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